Pioner Cinema » The Republic of ShKID
  • Tragicomedy
  • |
  • 1966
  • |
  • 103 min.
  • |
  • USSR
  • director: Gennady Poloka
  • cast: Sergey Yursky, Yulia Burygina, Pavel Luspekayev, Aleksandr Melnikov, Anatoly Stolbov, Lev Vaynshteyn, Anatoly Podshivalov
  • language: Russian
  • restrictions: 6+

A new programme in the“Children’s Pioner” lecture series opens with a screening of the famous film, “The Republic of ShKID.” Ekaterina Krongauz, author of the bestseller “Am I A Bad Mother?” and the “Inspector Karasik” series of mystery books for children and adults, will tell about the eternal conflict between teenagers and their ancient adult forebears.

1920s Petrograd. The recent wars and interventions put an enormous quantity of children out on the street, who live on petty crime and terrorize any citizen who happens to be a bit late. Orphanages and juvenile detention centres begin to sprout up all over, whose goal is to keep kids out of prison. The zealous teacher, nicknamed Vikniksor by his charges, tries to find common ground with the gang of former ragamuffins. Thus, the Dostoevsky School for Orphans becomes the Republic of ShKID, whose self-government could have been envied by the recently organized Pioneers.

The screen adaptation of an autobiographical story by two wards of an orphanage-school, written in 1926, was released in 1966 and became one of the symbols of the late “thaw.” Director Gennady Poloka shot a popular film, returning “The Republic of ShKID” from thirty years of invisibility. Period sets, circus-like performances, and an enormous quantity of gags and memorable characters all speak a simple truth: trust is the best way to raise a real man.

The film will be shown from the 35mm original.

After a break, a teacher from the TsEKh School of Contemporary Dance will hold a class for children, and will help the children process what they’ve seen through movement and the body.

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